Wouldn’t it be great if teachers had the ability to monitor what students are doing while in the classroom?

With SecondSite Chromebook Activity Monitoring you can!

Chromebook Activity Monitoring For The Classroom


  • Monitor student web history, YouTube videos and Google searches

  • Block objectionable content and URLs with SecondSite‚Äôs content filter

  • View and save screen captures in real-time

  • Reduce administration and empower teachers to monitor their classroom

  • Receive notifications when objectionable content is detected

  • Take action by sending emails directly to students and parents within the app

  • Forward suspicious URLs to school administrators

  • Create Watch Groups to monitor specific students more closely

  • Promote responsible technology usage in the classroom and at home!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Core Benefits

  • Monitor student activity
  • Detect and filter objectionable content
  • Discover off-task students
  • Reduce classroom distractions and keep students engaged
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can try it for free
  • Fast, reliable, and secure

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