• What is SecondSite?

    Schools are deploying Chromebooks in record numbers which means students are spending more time online. It’s crucial for staff members to monitor and control what students do. SecondSite tracks Internet history including URLs visited, Google searches and YouTube videos. It allows for easy reporting, screen viewing, content filtering, communication and more.

    The term "second sight" means the ability to view distant or future events. SecondSite is a website that does just that. Teachers can see everything happening on student Chromebooks, even when they are not present.

  • What is Activity Monitoring?

    SecondSite collects student Internet history. This includes all URLs visited, Google searches, YouTube videos, and Google documents.

  • Are students aware they are being monitored?

    SecondSite installs an extension in the Chrome browser. The icon is visible and labeled. The school administration decides how to inform the students of the function.

  • Which accounts does SecondSite monitor?

    Whichever accounts you choose. SecondSite is installed via organizational unit. For most schools, it is deployed to the student OU. However, additional accounts can be monitored, if desired.

  • Will SecondSite track students when they are not in the building?

    SecondSite is a user-based Chrome extension. That means when a student logs on to his/her school account with Chrome, the extension is active.

  • Can SecondSite be disabled?

    If the product is setup correctly, it can not be disabled. The installation instructions will provide more information.

  • Is the product to be used by technicians only?

    No! It was designed with teachers in mind. They can log on to monitor the whole school or their own students.

  • Can I track a specific group?

    Yes! Create a Watch Group. This will customize SecondSite to display only the accounts you select.

  • How does the Objectionable Content-Monitor work?

    The objectionable content monitor watches Google searches and URLs for keywords. Each domain has 300+ words included and the domain administrator can add more.

  • How does the screen view feature work?

    The Actions menu includes a link to “View Screen.” Once active, the teacher or administrator will begin to receive screen shots of the browser activity.

  • Can I view my whole classroom?

    Yes. First, create a Watch Group, then “View Screens.” Boxes containing browser activity will appear labeled with each account name.

  • Can teachers bypass the filter?

    Yes. There are times when a teacher needs students to access content blocked by the filter. Teachers can create a 60-minute bypass to allow connections to a specific URL.

  • What is the cost of SecondSite?

    You can try it free for 30 days. For licensing, please see the pricing page.

  • Is SecondSite cloud-based?

    Yes, SecondSite is 100% cloud-based. No hardware necessary.