Future Ready

Since the Future Ready initiative by the Office of Educational Technology, there has been increased demand to move from traditional computer labs to 1:1 devices for students. If your school or district has already begun the journey, you are aware of the many challenges in implementing a flood of new devices. Beyond additional infrastructure and training, more Chromebooks can mean more distraction in the classroom.

Solve These Challenges

SecondSite’s mission is to help your school become future ready with Chromebook activity monitoring.

  • Give teachers, technicians and principals peace of mind by documenting what students do while using school devices.
  • Help encourage Chromebooks as a tool to engage and explore rather than a classroom distraction.
  • Reduce administrative headaches for IT staff.
  • Empower teachers to take action by monitoring, blocking and communicating. Email activity to parents and school officials without assistance from an admin.

Future Ready Teachers

Take control of 1:1 classrooms, document concerning behavior and provide a more focused experience.

Future Ready Administrators

Deploy a sustainable solution for monitoring new devices and online activity.

Future Ready Students

Make students aware of device monitoring and promote responsible use for an increasingly technological world.

Future Ready Schools and Districts

Budget-friendly pricing and five-minute installation make your transition to SecondSite painless.

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