Budget-Friendly Pricing


Any amount of accounts.

Monitor Internet activity

Filter objectionable content

View live screen captures

Single tool for admins and teachers with unlimited staff accounts

Set timeslots to filter differently at school and home

Block content with preloaded objectionable word-filter and add custom words to fit school needs

Block URLs via 20 preloaded categories or add by custom URL

Archive search, Google file and YouTube history for easy review with parents and students

Receive alerts about suspicious activity

Track Chromebooks by location

Send emails to individual students, groups or parents

View screens by classroom or by individual student

Document concerning student activity with screen capture

Create Watch Groups easily from Google Classroom or add custom groups

View most visited URLs via student, group or domain

Allow teachers to temporary block or unblock to encourage classroom participation

Send URLs to all classroom devices at once

More features released monthly!


  • What exactly is a monitored account?

    A monitored account is any user who sends data to SecondSite. The most common example is a student.

  • Do I have to include all of my students?

    Not at all. You select the number of accounts based on your school’s organizational units.

  • Do teacher accounts cost more?

    Nope! Accounts that are not monitored are free.

  • How long does the free trial last?

    30 days. If you choose to keep the software, you don’t need to do anything. You will be billed based on your contact information. If you wish to cancel, remove the extension, then let us know. It’s as simple as that!

  • What types of billing do you support?

    Almost everything! You can purchase via credit card, check, PO, PayPal and more.

  • When will I need to renew the license?

    Every 12 months.

  • If I recommend SecondSite to another school, is there a referral benefit?

    Absolutely! Please let us know who you referred and we’ll send the details.